Fused Silica

Standard substrates

Fused Silica : UV

(amorphous silicon dioxide) is produced synthetically from high purity silicon by flame hydrolysis. It differs by its high UV-transmittance from natural Fused Silica, molten from crystalline quartz.

UV-FS offers:
broad transmission range
low thermal expansion coefficient, providing high thermal stability and resistance to thermal shocks
thermal operating range up to 800 °C
great hardness and resistance against scratches
very high resistance to radiation darkening
absence of bubbles and impurities

Transmission curve of UV Fused Silica
Transmission curve of UV Fused Silica

There is a wide range of different substrate materials available, varying in homogeneity, gra­des of laser induced fluorescence and content of bubbles, inclusions and OH.

LASEROPTIK often uses SQ0, SQ1 (former Q0, Q1, Q2), Su­pra­sil® 1+2, Corning 7980® or NIFS-U®.
In the UV-range we recommend to use optimi­zed materials like SQ0 / SQ1 E-193 or E-248 for lowest losses. Other materials can be supplied as well.

Fused Silica : IR

Transmission curve of IR Fused Silica
Transmission curve of IR Fused Silica