Laseroptik Express

Get your substrates and coatings the easy, secure and fast way!

We keep a stock of standard substrates and a coating machine for customers who need a very fast turnaround. For this we add an EXPRESS surcharge to your invoice. You can send us your substrates or you can choose from the large LASEROPTIK substrate stock.

The following three options are available:


An EXPRESS 24h time slot starts on any working day at 9 a.m. (CET) and ends at 9 a.m. (CET) on the following working day. At the end of the slot the substrates are ready for shipment. For coating of both sides we need two slots.


EXPRESS SAFE means we will deliver within 1-2 weeks after an order has been confirmed or, in case of customer owned substrates, after recei­ving the substrates.



Special substrates (Fused Silica) which cannot be delivered from the LASEROPTIK substrate stock will be manufactured on customer demand.

Thanks to special arrangements with selected substrate suppliers we can realize a turn-around time of just 3 weeks, including the coating.

In addition to the EXPRESS coating machine we currently use 33 machines partly with
sputter technique or ion assistance. Please ask for available time slots.