Large optics

Coating on special substrates

LASEROPTIK uses dedicated equipment for dielectric coatings on large optics up to 2 m in length (long axis for rectangular shapes) or 1 m in diameter with a superior spectral uniformity over the complete surface and high LIDT values. Approved automated ultrasonic and manual cleaning procedures are deployed to guarantee an optimum cleanliness also on these large scale geometries. The possible sizes are listed in the table below.

The uniformity of the coatings is a critical factor for applications in industrial laser systems for laser beam expansion or in projects for gra­vitational and petawatt laser research. Coating design, inner architecture of the machine and in-situ process control help to reduce gradient effects to a minimum. The uniformity can also be adapted to radii of curvature, e.g. of cylin­dri­cal lenses.

A variance in central wavelength of below ± 1% can be achieved for optics up to 2000 mm in length.
The 8 mea­sured curves below show the excellent uniformity on a large optic (long axis > 1300 mm) coated with an IBS broadband AR.

Uniformity of an IBS coating  on a large optic  (BBAR 342-412 nm /0°)

A tailored environment made of separated cleanrooms, dedicated inspection metrology and optics' cleaning solutions was built for and around the innovative equipment. It is part of a department that specializes in large round and rectangular optics, addressing highest demands for LIDT, losses and spectral performance.

A space-resolved quality inspection is perfor­med on the whole dimension for surface defects and spectral properties. Large optics are being escorted in custom-built lifting and hand­ling tools for inspection, transportation and fixing in the coating machine.




“Maxima”, the patented IBS coating machine for large optics