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Double IBS capacity in 2015
LASEROPTIK enlarges from four to eight industrial IBS systems e.g. for ultrafast optics, complex filter designs or in the UV. With a custom built giant machine, LASEROPTIK also offers coatings on substrates up to 2 metres in length, made by IBS.

World of photonics
June 22-25 2015
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Hall B1, booth 109

LASEROPTIK has developed IBS coatings with low losses and high LiDT for the UV from 355nm down to 213nm. The latest results were presented at the LASER fair in Munich. You can download the presentation here.

LASEROPTIK now designs and produces dispersion-matched pairs of broadband chirped mirrors for even better GDD compensation. 


ion beam in operationDouble IBS capacity
in 2011

LASEROPTIK enlarges from two to four industrial IBS systems e.g. for low loss super mirrors or complex filter designs. With a new GDD measurement setup, LASEROPTIK also offers chirped mirrors.
Furthermore IBS coatings have become an integral part of the LASEROPTIK Express service.


Optimized thin film coatings with IBS
This article (Laser+Photonic, 1/2011 or in german) by Dr. Wolfgang Ebert and Tobias Groß discusses and compares the different coating methods found at LASEROPTIK with focus on IBS process and its special possibilities.


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